5 gal. pail ~ Soltron® Enzyme Fuel Treatment

5 gal. pail ~ Soltron® Enzyme Fuel Treatment
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Each 5 Gallon pail treats up to 20,000 Gal. of Fuel
One 5 Gal. Pail
Unlike most other fuel additives and treatments on the market, Soltron® is different. Soltron® actually changes the way your fuel burns. It acts as a catalyst to help oxygenate your fuel, and keep it refinery fresh.

Soltron® Delivers More...

  • Improves economy and power
  • Reduces toxic emissions
  • Removes sludge and moisture
  • Cleans injectors and fuel tanks
  • Disperses Bacteria and mold
  • Stops knocking and pinging
  • Prevents fuel deterioration
  • Soltron® Contains:

  • NO Alcohols
  • NO Metals
  • NO Surfactants
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Biocides